Litepanels Inca 6 3200K LED Fresnel Light

The Litepanels Inca 6 LED Fresnel Light just might be the best of all possible worlds: a 6.0" Fresnel light with beam control of 67 to 15 degrees, combined with efficient tungsten-balanced LEDs. The Inca 6 uses only a small fraction of the power that a conventional fixture would require to produce the same volume of light, offering the tungsten equivalent 650W while drawing only 104W with very little heat generation.

But wait, there's more; the Inca 6 weighs 1/3 less than comparable traditional Fresnels, has no external ballast and dims from 100 to 0% with no noticeable color shift both on-fixture and remotely via DMX. The flicker-free, Inca 6 runs on 100-240VAC or 14-28VDC batteries.

- A true Fresnel fixture that produces soft, directional illumination
- Litepanels proprietary heat-free LED technology
- High quality 6.0" Fresnel lens
- 104W power draw with comparable illumination to a 650W incandescent Fresnel
- No noticeable heat generation reduces air conditioning costs
- Energy savings and extended bulb life provide an approximately 3 year ROI in typical studio applications
- Tungsten output - color matched to incandescent fixtures
- AC/DC power with DC power via 3-pin XLR for versatility in and out of the studio
- Integrated DMX module with RJ45 (Ethernet) connectors for remote control using DMX 512 protocol
- 100 to 0% dimming with no noticeable color shift (via on-fixture dial or DMX)
- Focus control from 67 to 15 degree beam via on-fixture dial or DMX
- Robust lightweight housing-weighs 1/3 as much as conventional Fresnels
- Standard yoke for easy mounting and positioning
- Perfect companion to the Inca 4 Fresnel
- Applications: Broadcast studios, location lighting, event lighting, still lighting, chroma key

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