Litepanels Inca 12 3200K LED Fresnel Light

The INCA Series 12 Tungsten Fresnel from Litepanels produces full-spectrum directional illumination. It has a robust lightweight composite housing with standard yoke with a Junior spigot for easy mounting and positioning.

The Inca 12 LED Fresnel fixture offers a powerful output of tungsten-balanced illumination approaching that of a traditional 2K incandescent Fresnel, but with all the energy efficiencies and cost saving benefits of Litepanels LED technology. It is a 12" true Fresnel lens that emits an even collimated light source that can be focused and controlled for maximum flexibility.

The high quality, full-spectrum light produced by Litepanels' custom-built LEDs is visually accurate and powerful. The LEDs in the Inca 12 are optimized for lighting talent, but that doesn't limit its application. Its color temperature is designed to match existing Fresnel fixtures for side-by-side use.

The Inca 12 is equally at home in broadcast studios where its relative output to a 2K fixture allows for a one-to-one replacement without changing the existing lighting plot. Its low power draw (six Inca 12s can share a single 20A circuit) and reduced air conditioning needs from running cool can create incredible and immediate savings. Additionally, the integrated DMX module in each fixture provides unprecedented control by allowing simultaneous remote dimming and focusing. The Litepanels' proprietary feature uses the DMX512 protocol and affordable RJ45 (Ethernet) connectors and cables that eliminate the need for expensive dimmers and a climate controlled dimmer room.

- True Fresnel fixture that produces full-spectrum directional illumination
- Tungsten color temperature with no external ballast or restrike period required
- High quality 12" true Fresnel lens
- Focus control from 54 to 15 degree beam angle via on-fixture dial or DMX512
- Even illumination across a collimated beam of light
- Integrated DMX module with RJ45 (Ethernet) connectors for remote control using DMX 512 protocol
- 100% to 0 dimming with no noticeable color shift or flicker at any frame rate or shutter angle
- Litepanels Cool to the Touch LED technology for glove-free operation
- 346W draw with light output approaching a 2K incandescent tungsten Fresnel
- Energy savings and extended LED life provide a <3-year ROI in typical studio situations
- Robust lightweight housing with standard yoke and Junior pin for easy mounting and positioning
- Perfect companion for Litepanels tungsten-balanced panel fixtures and other Inca Fresnels

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